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Tench Lake

Our Tench lake is roughly around 3 acres in size, situated at the back of the complex. This can be great for beginners, the pleasure angler or the specimen Tench fisherman. This lake holds a few Carp to mid Twenties, a very good head of Tench which average 4 - 5lb, a large number of 6 - 7lb fish and a few just going over the magical 10lb mark.


The Tench lake at Horcott Lakes is a typical Cotswold gravel pit, clear water, weed beds with lots of gravel bars, clear areas and silt pockets with an average depth of around 4 feet.


Traditional Tench tactics will work with maggots, worms, corn & groundbait, although the best results seem to come from pellets fished in a feeder or pva bags with a scaled down Carp tactic approach. This lovely little lake also holds a abundance of Rudd, Roach, Perch, Pike & a small head of Bream.


Horcott Tench lake map guide for swims & depths.

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