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Scout Lake

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Brand new for 2024 is the Scout Lake, dug in the 1970s after the main lake, It has been run as a private syndicate but now welcomes day ticket anglers to the mature banks!

At approximately 9 acres in size, there are depths ranging from 4ft - 8ft with a 10ft hole right in the middle and numerous deeper holes and gullies for the angler to find with their leading or marker rods.

Complete with marginal shelfs and dense reed beds, the Scout Lake is a typical gin clear gravel pit, perfectly at home in the glorious Cotswolds!

With an estimated stock of 250 carp present, there is a fine mixture of heavily scaled mirror carp, scale perfect commons and a fine mixture in between. The commons run up to 35lb and the mirrors go even larger to 38lb. This is one venue that although may prove tricky the rewards are certainly there for the angler willing to put in the work and effort, the Scout lake will almost certainly get under your skin, and when you see the gallery you will be sure to want to get a few of these carp in your album!


Where Dreams Are Made.


Fishing over one bed of bait has often been the go-to method throughout the years as a syndicate venue and fishing accurately with three rods has certainly proved to be the most effective way to bank some of these stunning carp. Baiting with either particle mix, boilie and pellet works well, but sometimes the key to success is often learning the art of patience and sitting on your hands once you are happy you are fishing tight on your area.

The scouts have rights to the lake as well; however, usage is rare. Occasionally in the warmer periods of the year, mainly midweek evenings it may be used for boating activities for a couple of hours. Usually, notice is given but sometimes these activities can be last minute so please bear this in mind when booking. If this does occur during your session, you must reel your rods in for the duration of the activities.

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