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The combination of an in-turned eye, curve shank and needle-sharp straight point is naturally an extremely positive hooking design that turns very aggressively. By coating the pattern in our super-slippery PTFE coating, and the combination of a positive angle of drawer ensures the pattern reacts aggressively and then takes a secure hold as the hook fully penetrates quickly . 

These Curve Shank hooks have undergone rigorous and extensive testing across a wide range of demanding big carp scenarios by our team prior to their general release and results have been epic.

Key features/specifications:

PTFE Coating for optimum penetration
Super strong double tempered extra heavy gauge high carbon steel
Super sharp straight points
15° In-turned eye
Micro-Barbed (Also available in Barbless).
Available in intermediary sizes for fine tuning of presentations

The Curve Shank micro-barbed hooks are available in packs of 10 in sizes 4, 5, 6 and 7.

TACS4 – Size 4 Curve Shank Hook
TACS5 – Size 5 Curve Shank Hook
TACS6 – Size 6 Curve Shank Hook
TACS7 – Size 7 Curve Shank Hook


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