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Current Prices

Main Lake
Day Ticket
1/2 Rod £10
3 Rods £15

24 Hour Ticket

1/2 Rod £20
3 Rods £25

Tench Lake
Day Ticket
1/2 Rods £10

3 Rods £15

24 Hour Ticket
1/2 Rods £20

3 Rods £25

Main Lake Rules

1. Any ticket holder has the authority to act as a bailiff should the need arise.

2. Large unhooking mats/Cradles must be used at all times and must be at least 900mm x 450mm, for all Carp, Pike, Tench and Bream, Anyone caught with an undersized mat will be told to leave. No sharing mats, No excuses.

3. All fish must be returned as quickly and safely as possible after being caught. No fish in a retaining sling to be held for long periods of time. This will result in an instant ban.

4. Should any member witness or see a problem with fish, other members etc, it is their responsibility to contact a fishery bailiff as soon as possible.

5. It is all members responsibly to take all litter home and respect the waters and surrounding area. (Any person seen or reported to have left litter will be permanently banned)

6. No swimming to take place or boats to be used on the water

7. No fixed rigs are to be used at any time, nothing above the lead (knots, split shot etc)

8. Lead Core or any other leader material is banned, shock leaders for spodding are fine.

9. Micro Barbed hooks only.
10. Trebles for pike are fine during the correct season.

11.  Night fishing is permitted but no tents, bivvies or brollies only.

12. BBQ's are permitted but no fires are to be lit.

13. No keepnets or sacks
14. No fish to be transferred for one lake to another.

15.  2 Rods can be used as long as you have a valid Environmental Agency Rod Licences, Rods must be attended at all times, 3 rods can be used as long as you have purchased a 3rd-rod ticket.

16. Payment of your ticket is considered acknowledgement of these rules

17. The management of Horcott Lakes reserves the right to refuse entry and ban anglers for breaking rules, no money will be refunded.

18. No Dead baiting or Spinning before the 1st of October and ends 31st of March.

19. An angler fishing the disabled swims must give way to wheelchair users and others with severe mobility problems.

20. If you go for a walk around the lake take your hook baits off your rigs due to the birdlife.

21. The most important rule is to ENJOY AND HAVE FUN!
22. Bait boats are NOT permitted. 

23. Rig tubing is compulsory with a minimum of 12 inches.

24. No refunds- please make sure you have the right equipment on booking as No refunds will be given if turned away for not having the right mats, line ect. By reading these rules you are accepting that you understand them & No refunds will be given for breaking them or being told to leave.

25. Once you have paid for your ticket through we cannot refund you, also cannot refund you, we can only transfer your session to another date, so on booking please be sure you have booked the right date.

26. Minimum breaking strain line 12lb or 0.30 in diameter.

27. No braided mainline, spod & marker rods are fine. 

28. No drones due to RAF Fairford.

29. No excessive alcohol drinking, if you are found to be in a drunken state you will be told to leave 


30. Minimum of a 42 inch landing net for all Carp & Pike anglers

31. All mats, slings & nets to be dipped in the car park on arrival. 

32. Please note if you leave the lake whilst here fishing its for a maximum of two hours. This should give you plenty of time to pop to the shop, pick up a takeaway ect.

33. Only 72 hours are permitted in one swim then you must move on, this prevents misuse of your ticket & keeps it fair for other members & day ticket holders. 

If you have any queries please contact one of the fishery bailiffs below

Lee:07507086634 Ian:07541106334


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