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Horcott is situated in the heart of the Cotswolds in the historic town of Fairford and is home to some of the best-looking carp in the Cotswold Waterpark. All of our lakes contain stunning Leenies and Suttons, mirrors and commons.








The complex consists of 3 lakes; the main lake (22acres) which is now stocked with just over a thousand Carp. Most Carp averaging 20lb, a massive head of upper 20's, with around 30 different 30lb fish and the lake record being over 40lb.










The lake its self is a typical Cotswold gravel pit, Gin clear, 5ft-6ft in depth with lots of bars, gullies and weed beds. We also have a 10 acre 10 man syndicate lake ( waiting list closed ) which is much deeper in places, but yet again lots of bars, silt pockets and lovely silk weed. There is also a small Tench lake (3 acres) at the back of the complex, great for beginners or the pleasure angler, holding a few Carp to mid Twenties, very good head of Tench which average 4 - 5lb, a large number of 6 - 7lb fish and a few just going over the magical 10lb mark.


Home Of The Thirties

All the lakes have been restocked over the last few years making it a prolific fishery with secure parking, running water & chemical toilets.

Horcott is also a great Tench and Bream fishery, along with plenty of Roach, Rudd, Perch and some very large Pike.

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