Horcott is situated in the heart of the Cotswolds in the historic town of Fairford and is home to some of the best-looking carp in the Cotswold Waterpark. All of our lakes contain stunning Leenies and Suttons, mirrors and commons. 

The complex consists of 3 lakes; the main lake (22acres) which is now stocked with just over a thousand Carp. Most Carp averaging 20lb, a massive head of upper 20's, with around 30 different 30lb fish and the lake record being over 40lb. The lake its self is a typical Cotswold gravel pit, Gin clear, 5ft-6ft in depth with lots of bars, gullies and weed beds. We also have a 10 acre 10 man syndicate lake ( waiting list closed ) which is much deeper in places, but yet again lots of bars, silt pockets and lovely silk weed. There is also a small Tench lake (3 acres) at the back of the complex, great for beginners or the pleasure angler, holding a few Carp to mid Twenties, very good head of Tench which average 4 - 5lb, a large number of 6 -7lb fish and a few just going over the magical 10lb mark.

All the lakes have been restocked over the last few years making it a prolific fishery with secure parking.

Horcott is also a great Tench and Bream fishery, along with plenty of Roach, Rudd, Perch and some very large Pike.

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We are partnered with Angling Quests who cover multiple aspects of angling coaching on our main lake. So if you feel you want to brush up on your water craft, fishing in weed, long range casting, rig mechanics, pva & their uses etc please get in contact with there fully qualified professional coaches via the button below.

Horcott Starter package only £60.00 which includes ticket, bait, guided tour & professional angling coach.

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